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Gwynne Dyer is an historian and independent journalist, has published several books and has had his articles widely syndicated for many years. He is also available for university and corporate speaking engagements.

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Malaysia: Change At Last?

27 November 2011 Malaysia: Change At Last? If Anwar Ibrahim had become prime minister of Malaysia in the late 1990s, when he was in his early 50s, instead of being jailed on trumped-up sodomy and corruption charges, Malaysia might now be a very different place. He’s finally getting his chance

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Vinland: A Question of Timing

23 November 2022 Vinland: A Question of Timing By Gwynne Dyer “If the 20th century AD were dated at the same resolution as the 20th century BC, the two World Wars would be indistinguishable in time; and the Montgomery Bus Strike might post-date the release of Mandela.” So wrote the

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COP 27: Glass Half Full

21 November 2022 COP 27: Glass Half Full By Gwynne Dyer As after every climate summit, the air is filled with shouts of rage and despair. What was agreed was unclear and inadequate, and what was left undecided or simply ignored was vast and terrifying. For example, they still haven’t

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Eight Billion and Counting

16 November 2022 Eight Billion and Counting By Gwynne Dyer I must have missed the memo, because there was no newborn baby picked out at random last Tuesday to be the designated eight billionth human being. Perhaps they finally realised how tacky that journalistic device was, or maybe they just

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Ukraine: Where Next?

13 November 2022 Ukraine: Where Next? By Gwynne Dyer The recovery of the city of Kherson is the third big victory for the Ukrainian armed forces in three months: first, the reconquest of all of Kharkiv Oblast (province) in September, then the partial destruction of the Kerch Strait bridge linking

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Climate, Cairo and the Amazon

2 November 2022 Climate, Cairo and the Amazon By Gwynne Dyer This year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) opens in Cairo next Sunday and continues for two weeks, but all that hot air is less important than the single fact that ‘Lula’ da Silva narrowly won the Brazilian presidency

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