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Gwynne Dyer is an historian and independent journalist, has published several books and has had his articles widely syndicated for many years. He is also available for university and corporate speaking engagements.

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Trump: Neither Unique nor Irreplaceable

14 July 2024 Trump: Neither Unique nor Irreplaceable By Gwynne Dyer Almost everybody who feels obliged to comment about the attempted assassination of Donald Trump is currently insisting that ‘violence has no place in American politics’, but of course it has. Four US presidents have been assassinated while in office,

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Biden is now a Lost Cause

9 July 2024 Biden is now a Lost Cause By Gwynne Dyer It really doesn’t matter whether Joe Biden is in peak condition intellectually during a second term as president. He did some useful things in his first term, but his main job now is to stop Donald Trump from

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Iran’s Rapidly Eroding Theocracy

7 July 2024 Iran’s Rapidly Eroding Theocracy By Gwynne Dyer “I have heard that people’s zeal and interest is higher than in the first round [of Iran’s presidential election],” Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Iranian TV just before the second round of voting on Sunday. “It is wrong to

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France: No Panic

2 July 2024 France: No Panic By Gwynne Dyer Nothing else in France looks like the 1930s, so why should fascism? There really is a fascist movement in France, although it avoids torch-lit marches and jackboots. It has even stopped the Holocaust denial (mostly). This movement used to be called

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The West: Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

30 June 2024 The West: Enormous Changes at the Last Minute By Gwynne Dyer By Friday (5 July), we will know the outcome of the British election. On Monday (8 July) we will know the result of the French election. And by the middle of the month it will be

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Assange: Free at Last, But…

25 June 2024 Assange: Free at Last, But… By Gwynne Dyer Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is a free man at last after spending almost all of the past fourteen years in jail or other forms of confinement. He has just arrived home in Australia to be greeted by

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