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Gwynne Dyer is an historian and independent journalist, has published several books and has had his articles widely syndicated for many years. He is also available for university and corporate speaking engagements.

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Do the Russians Have War in Their Blood?

30 March 2022 Do the Russians Have War in Their Blood? By Gwynne Dyer The geopolitical views of my grandmother, Florence O’Driscoll, could have been summed up in seven words: ‘The Germans Have War in their Blood’. Even as a child I suspected that the world must be more complicated

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Hungary: Fooled Again?

28 March 2022 Hungary: Fooled Again? By Gwynne Dyer Russian President Vladimir Putin may not be able to save himself, but he may already have saved another despot, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. There’s an election in Hungary next Sunday, and it looks like Orbán may actually win it. A

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Ukraine: What Next?

23 March 2022 Ukraine: What Next? By Gwynne Dyer Russian troops are stalled for the third week outside most of the major cities of eastern and central Ukraine, but they have failed to surround and cut off any of them except Mariupol, the big port on the Black Sea that

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Ukraine: Lessons for Taiwan, Lessons for China

20 March 2022 Ukraine: Lessons for Taiwan, Lessons for China By Gwynne Dyer Almost a month in, China is still being extremely coy about its attitude towards the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The regime is acutely aware that there are many parallels between the Russian-Ukrainian relationship and the Chinese-Taiwanese one,

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A Complicated Deal: Iran, Nukes, Israel, Oil, Russia

16 March 2022 A Complicated Deal: Iran, Nukes, Israel, Oil, Russia By Gwynne Dyer As with most re-marriages between the same partners, the participants are not exactly starry-eyed. They have just figured out that the old deal was better than no deal at all. The news that the obscurely named

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Ukraine’s Nuclear Mistake

14 March 2022 Ukraine’s Nuclear Mistake By Gwynne Dyer Would Vladimir Putin’s Russia have invaded Ukraine three weeks ago if it had 1,900 nuclear warheads on 176 ICBMs and 2,600 tactical nuclear weapons? Of course not. He wouldn’t have invaded if Ukraine had even one nuclear missile capable of reaching

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