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Gwynne Dyer is an historian and independent journalist, has published several books and has had his articles widely syndicated for many years. He is also available for university and corporate speaking engagements.

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The Baby Bonus Doesn’t Work Any More

17 May 2023 The Baby Bonus Doesn’t Work Any More By Gwynne Dyer I was one of five children – not seen as a particularly big family in Newfoundland at the time – and there was one year when we allegedly beat Guatemala to have the highest birth rate in

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Syria: The Rehabilitation of Assad

15 May 2023 Syria: The Rehabilitation of Assad By Gwynne Dyer There is no justice. Bashar al-Assad, the murderous Syrian dictator whose membership even the Arab League suspended twelve years ago, is off to Riyadh this week to celebrate his re-admission to the organisation. He will pay no price for

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Turkey: A Hundred Years of Culture War

10 May 2023 Turkey: A Hundred Years of Culture War By Gwynne Dyer Turkey’s elections are fairly free, and there is going to be one this Sunday (14 May). President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been in power for two decades, and he should really lose by a landslide. Imagine what

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Massacres and Guns

7 May 2023 Massacres and Guns By Gwynne Dyer Here’s how to sound wise when writing a story about mass killings and gun control. Last week saw two such massacres in Serbia (eight deaths and nine deaths respectively) and only one in the United States (eight killed in a mall

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A Spike in the Ocean

5 May 2023 A Spike in the Ocean By Gwynne Dyer There is a fever raging in the ocean. Last month it was worst off the eastern coast of North America, where the sea surface temperature was as much as 13.8 degrees Celsius higher than the 1981-2011 average for this

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Thailand: Another Round?

30 April 2023 Thailand: Another Round? By Gwynne Dyer There have been occasional violent episodes in Thai politics and one recent massacre (2010), but the struggle for a genuine democracy has usually been relatively restrained. Maybe that is why it has lasted so long. In fact, the tug-of-war between the

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