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Gwynne Dyer is an historian and independent journalist, has published several books and has had his articles widely syndicated for many years. He is also available for university and corporate speaking engagements.

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Indian Election

17 April 2024 Indian Election By Gwynne Dyer Extreme nationalism always looks foolish or even deranged to those who have not caught the virus, but in India it’s now official. In January, India’s Ministry of Defence started setting up 822 ‘selfie points’ at war memorials, railway stations and tourist attractions

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A Pantomime Crisis, Not a Real War

14 April 2024 A Pantomime Crisis, Not a Real War By Gwynne Dyer The grand old Ayatollah He had three hundred missiles. He launched them all at Israel but none of them was fissile. And when they were all shot down, much to his surprise, Biden said to Khamenei I

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There Really Are Rules

10 April 2024 There Really Are Rules By Gwynne Dyer History is mostly a matter of dates, and the key date is always that of the last conquest. All previous conquests are then magically forgiven and forgotten. This observation is prompted partly by the current wars in Ukraine and the

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Middle East: A Bigger War?

8 April 2024 Middle East: A Bigger War? What should you do when your government assures you that everything is under control and says there is no need to buy generators, stock up on food and withdraw money from the bank? You should immediately get your money out of the

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Russia: The Really Dangerous Ones Are Sane

3 April 2024 Russia: The Really Dangerous Ones Are Sane By Gwynne Dyer There are plenty of crazies in Russian politics who make bizarre claims about their country’s victim status (“the evil West made us do it”) and issue blood-curdling but implausible threats about using nuclear weapons on their enemies.

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Senegal: Last Country Standing

2 April 2024 Senegal: Last Country Standing by Gwynne Dyer The crisis in Senegal, the one country in West Africa that has never had a military coup, has passed. Few people outside Africa were paying close attention, but I’m sure you will be pleased to know that democracy has survived.

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