Month: February 2022

The Real World Order

27 February 2022 The Real World Order By Gwynne Dyer Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last Thursday many people have expressed their shock and horror at Vladimir Putin’s violation of international law and the death of the ‘rules-based world order’, but there’s actually no reason for surprise. Those people just never understood what the …

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World War 2.1?

14 February 2022 World War 2.1? By Gwynne Dyer Columnists are not supposed to write about the same subject twice in a row, and only last week I wrote my umpteenth piece saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not going to invade Ukraine. But US President Joe Biden just gave us a hard date …

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African Coups

2 February 2022 African Coups By Gwynne Dyer Military coups are back in fashion in Africa. There have been over 200 attempted coups in the continent since 1960, about half of them successful, but in the past two decades they had dropped to only two a year. Last year saw six, however, and there have …

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