Month: March 2022

Hungary: Fooled Again?

28 March 2022 Hungary: Fooled Again? By Gwynne Dyer Russian President Vladimir Putin may not be able to save himself, but he may already have saved another despot, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. There’s an election in Hungary next Sunday, and it looks like Orbán may actually win it. A month ago he was trailing …

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Ukraine: What Next?

23 March 2022 Ukraine: What Next? By Gwynne Dyer Russian troops are stalled for the third week outside most of the major cities of eastern and central Ukraine, but they have failed to surround and cut off any of them except Mariupol, the big port on the Black Sea that has become the Ukrainian ‘Stalingrad’. …

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South Korea: Gender War

6 March 2022 South Korea: Gender War By Gwynne Dyer Gender is not the only issue in this week’s election in South Korea, but it’s the hot-button topic. It’s not clear if there was ever a successful sexual revolution in the country, but the counter-revolution is definitely doing well. The ‘F-word’ (feminism) is being used …

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