Month: April 2022

Ukraine: Nuclear End-Game?

20 April 2022 By Gwynne Dyer Last Sunday Vladimir Soloviev, the anchor of Russia’s most popular current affairs show, ‘Sunday Evening’, was delivering his usual ‘all is going splendidly’ take on the war in Ukraine when he suddenly went off-piste. The United Kingdom, he suggested, is planning to use nuclear weapons against the Russian forces …

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Britain’s Shame

17 April 2022 By Gwynne Dyer It’s generally bad form to quote another journalist, but Stewart Lee’s day job is stand-up comedian, so we can make an exception just this once. Writing in The Observer on Sunday, Lee offered a summary of Britain’s Conservative government as its twelve-year reign stumbles towards its close. The Conservative …

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Two Truces

4 April 2022 Two Truces By Gwynne Dyer Two weeks ago, the three biggest wars in the world were in Ukraine, Ethiopia and Yemen. Now truces have silenced the guns and the airstrikes in two of the three. They are only temporary truces so far, but there is a reasonable chance that they could grow …

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