Month: February 2023

Making Lethal Molecules

26 February 2023 Making Lethal Molecules By Gwynne Dyer “We are but one very small company (among) many hundreds of companies using AI software for drug discovery and de novo design. How many of them have…the know-how to find the pockets of chemical space that can be filled with molecules predicted to be orders of …

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Nigerian Election

20 February 2023 Nigerian Election By Gwynne Dyer There is something wrong with Nigeria. It is Africa’s most populous country, with a fifth of the continent’s entire population (200 million). It is a major oil producer, pumping 1.5 million barrels a day. But its GDP per capita is slightly less now than it was in …

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Israel Predictions

Israel Predictions Gwynne Dyer Here are a few fairly safe predictions for what will happen in Israel in the next year. Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu will not go to jail. The independence of the Israeli court system will be destroyed. Judges’ decisions will be made subject to veto by politicians. (That’s why Bibi will …

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