2013 Year-Ender

26 December 2013 2013 Year-Ender By Gwynne Dyer It’s always dangerous to declare “mission accomplished.” Former US president George W. Bush did it weeks after he invaded Iraq, and it will be quoted in history books a century hence as proof of his arrogance and his ignorance. British Prime Minister David Cameron did it a …

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Congo: A Good Start

6 November 2013 Congo: A Good Start By Gwynne Dyer Can it really be as easy as that? Get Rwanda to stop supporting the rebels in eastern Congo, pay the soldiers of the Congolese army on time, send in a United Nations force that actually has orders to shoot, and presto! The bad guys surrender …

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The Race to Mars

5 November 2013 The Race to Mars By Gwynne Dyer The Curse of Mars also applies to Asian countries. About two-thirds of the attempted missions to Mars have failed, many of them even before leaving Earth orbit, and most of the rest when they tried to land. Japan’s only Mars mission failed in 1998, China’s …

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