War in Africa

28 April 2024 War in Africa By Gwynne Dyer “We could see an all-out war between all the tribes and that is really the doomsday scenario. At this point, it’s not unrealistic,” the head of an international non-government organisation that is working in Sudan told the Al Jazeera news agency last week. (She asked them

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Ukraine: The Outlook

21 April 2024 Ukraine: The Outlook By Gwynne Dyer “I’ve said before, you do the right thing and you let the chips fall where they may,” said Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. The chips being the ten or twenty thousand extra Ukrainians who died needlessly during the six months when

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Indian Election

17 April 2024 Indian Election By Gwynne Dyer Extreme nationalism always looks foolish or even deranged to those who have not caught the virus, but in India it’s now official. In January, India’s Ministry of Defence started setting up 822 ‘selfie points’ at war memorials, railway stations and tourist attractions where people can take photos

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