February 21, 2000 Time to end sanctions against Serbia By Gwynne Dyer A year ago this week, the Rambouillet conference on Kosovo was nearing its end and hopes were rising that war in the Balkans could be avoided. They were misplaced. A decade of Serbian repression of the Albanian-speaking majority in Kosovo had led to […]

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GM Food Labeling Rule

8 Feb 2000  Labelling Rule Sets GM Food Exports Back Several Years By Gwynne Dyer Game, set, and match. The Protocol on Biosafety, agreed by 130 countries last Saturday in Montreal afer frantic overtime negotiations, sets the seal on a year that saw genetically modified organisms (GMOs) go from a technology set to sweep the

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Right or Wrong

January 17, 1999 Is driving on the right right or wrong? by Gwynne Dyer  The Romans drove on the left. Why does half the world drive on the left, and the other half on the right? At last, the answer to this burning question is within reach. “We do not know which side of the

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Uighurs’ Independence

8 April 1997 Uighurs’ Independence By Gwynne Dyer  “We think Deng’s death will bring a power struggle within the Chinese elite,” said Sargari Tarym, spokesman for the Uighur independence movement, in Moscow in late February. “If that happens, the independence movement in Turkestant will intensify.” In fact, it is already pretty intense. Given the tightness

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Soviet troops in Cuba

1 October 1979 Soviet troops in Cuba By Gwynne Dyer (LONDON) Naughty Mr Brezhnev has put 3,000 Soviet combat troops in Cuba. Slap wristies. It would now appear that Presidert Carter has decided not to have a full-scale international crisis, over the Soviet troops in Cuba after all, despite the views of senators Church, Stone

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The Great Crash

24 September 1979 The Great Crash By Gwynne Dyer LONDON: The ideal capitalist enterprise, it was once suggested, would be a brothel over a five- minute carwash. But all the best ways of making one’s capital multiply involve the owner no work at — like the stock market. What goes up must come down, however,

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