Prisoner X

19 February 2013 Prisoner X and the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight By Gwynne Dyer Ben Alon, Ben Allen and Benjamin Burroughs are dead. So is Benjamin Zygier, an Australian Zionist who moved to Israel in the 1990s and became an Israeli citizen. He then adopted the curious custom of flying back to Australia at …

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Olympic Torch

7 April 2008 The Underpants of the Olympic Flame By Gwynne Dyer If I were the Chinese bureaucrat responsible for guarding the sacred Olympic Flame, the place I’d worry about most is Australia. It was there, just before the Melbourne Olympics in 1956, that a student pretending to be an Olympic athlete ran up to …

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A Quick Fix

22 February 2007 A Quick Fix By Gwynne Dyer Astonishingly, it was Australia’s Liberal government, so deeply sunk in climate change denial for so long, that took the radical step of banning incandescent light-bulbs. But then, Prime Minister John Howard faces an election later this year, and Australia has been suffering from the worst and …

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