The Iraqi Deal

19 October 2008 The Iraqi Deal By Gwynne Dyer It has been a short hundred years. That’s how long Republican presidential candidate John McCain said that American troops might have to stay in Iraq at the beginning of his campaign, but the deal that Washington concluded with the Iraqi government last week said that they […]

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Marking Time

10 September 2007 Marking Time By Gwynne Dyer The thing to remember about General David Petraeus’s report to Congress on the progress made by the US military “surge” in Iraq is that he is basically reporting on his own performance. Nothing in his past career suggests that he is prone to downplay his own achievements,

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The Lynching of Saddam

5 November 2006 The Lynching of Saddam Hussein By Gwynne Dyer Occasionally, like any doomed man, Saddam Hussein played with the notion of a last-minute reprieve. “He’s told us many times that we won’t be able to [avoid a death sentence in his trial],” said Khalil al-Dulaimi, one of his lawyers, in June. “He knows

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Saddam’s Trial

17 October 2005 Saddam’s Trial By Gwynne Dyer If they had taken Adolf Hitler alive in 1945, they would certainly have put him on trial. But what if they had ignored Hitler’s responsibility for starting the Second World War and his murder of six million Jews, and simply put him on trial for torturing and

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