Iraq Update to May 2

RE SUNDAY’S ARTICLE: To update, taking account of the change of Iraqi general in charge of Falluja, substitute new paragraphs 6 and 7. Full amended text follows. 4 May 2004 Iraq: It’s All Over Now By Gwynne Dyer The situation in Iraq is “disintegration verging on collapse,” said Richard Holbrooke, former US ambassador to the […]

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To Help Or Not To Help

1 September 2003 To Help Or Not To Help By Gwynne Dyer “Bring em on,” blustered President George W. Bush a month ago, so the terrorists blew up first the UN headquarters in Baghdad, and then Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim, Iraq’s most prominent Shia leader, and a hundred other people in Najaf. “It is necessary

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Battle of Baghdad

6 April 2003 The Battle of Baghdad: How Bad? How Long? By Gwynne Dyer There is no way that the US army could lose the battle of Baghdad. The questions are how bad will it be, and how long might it last? Right now, US commanders will be wresting with the temptation to try to

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Rumsfeld’s War

30 March 2003 Rumsfeld’s War By Gwynne Dyer American generals are not political innocents, though they have to act as if they were. When Lieutenant General William Wallace, the commander of American ground forces in Iraq, ruefully told journalists last Thursday that “the enemy we’re fighting is different from the one we’d war-gamed against” and

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The Probability Tree

19 March 2003 The Probability Tree By Gwynne Dyer Of all human enterprises, war is the least predictable or controllable. Even when an attacker enjoys such a huge advantage as the US armed forces have over the Iraqis, things can go wrong. Here is a day-by-day check-list of what should be happening in Iraq once

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Iraq: Will They Fight?

26 December 2002 Iraq: Will They Fight? By Gwynne Dyer “If they come, we are ready,” Saddam Hussein told his most recent biographer, Con Coughlin, last September. “We will fight them on the streets, from the rooftops, house to house. We will never surrender.” To anybody who recalls Saddam’s hollow threats about the coming ‘Mother

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