The Future of Tibet

22 November 2008 The Future of Tibet  By Gwynne Dyer The Dalai Lama spoke in his customary platitudes, and the Chinese regime responded with its habitual bluster, but a corner was turned in the China-Tibet dispute last week. From now on, it’s likely to get worse. After a five-day meeting in Dharamsala, India, that gathered …

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Tibetan Independence

15 March 2008 Tibetan Independence By Gwynne Dyer The monks who marched through Lhasa on 10 March to mark the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule in 1959 did not want to wreck China’s Olympic year, but they knew that Chinese troops would be less likely to shoot them this year than most. …

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Taiwan’s Sleeper Crisis

26 December 2007 Taiwan’s Sleeper Crisis By Gwynne Dyer US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice didn’t go into much detail in her year-end message, but on one topic she was very clear: “We think that Taiwan’s referendum to apply to the United Nations under the name Taiwan is a provocative policy. It unnecessarily raises tension …

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