Farming Is Different

THE EU AGRICULTURE COMMISSIONER GAVE SUCH A GOOD QUOTE YESTERDAY THAT I RE-WROTE THE ARTICLE. DON’T WORRY IF YOU’VE USED IT ALREADY. 4 September 2003 Farming Is Different By Gwynne Dyer On 9-14 September the World Trade Organisation brings together the trade ministers of 146 countries in Cancun, Mexico to try for a new deal …

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Lula and the Markets

5 October 2002 Lula and the Markets By Gwynne Dyer George Soros, the world’s leading currency speculator, told a Brazilian newspaper in August that the 170 million Brazilians simply wouldn’t be allowed to have Labour Party leader Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva as their president. The higher his standing rose in the opinion polls, the …

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