The Divided States

3 November 2004 The Divided States: A Modest Proposal By Gwynne Dyer Looking at that extraordinary electoral map of the United States with all the liberal, quiche-eating, Kerry-supporting states of the north-east and the west coast coloured Democratic blue while the “heartland” and the south were solid Republican red, the solution to the problem suddenly …

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Canada Election

23 June 2004 Canada: The Master’s Revenge? By Gwynne Dyer The time limit for a majority government in a two-party system is now usually ten to twelve years. After that, it is living on borrowed time. Neither major party in the United States has held the White House for more than twelve years since Franklin …

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Canadian Hordes

15 March 2004 Waiting for the Canadian Hordes By Gwynne Dyer Dr Samuel P. Huntington, chairman of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies and co-founder of ‘Foreign Policy’ magazine, is like a dog that has only one trick: we’ve all seen it before, but he won’t stop doing it. We’re going to have …

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