Expanding the BRICS

27 August 2023 Expanding the BRICS By Gwynne Dyer You can expand the curious organisation called the BRICS, but you can’t define it. In fact, it’s hardly even an organisation: no headquarters, no secretariat. Even the (British) Commonwealth and la Francophonie have more substance: at least they share a former oppressor. Yet the BRICS are …

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Moon Race

13 August 2023 Moon Race By Gwynne Dyer Don’t say ‘Moon Race’. Perish the thought! But there is a race to land on the Moon, and the Russians are cheating. Well, sort of cheating. It’s the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), renowned for its ability to do big things on a relatively small budget (ca. …

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Nigerian Election

20 February 2023 Nigerian Election By Gwynne Dyer There is something wrong with Nigeria. It is Africa’s most populous country, with a fifth of the continent’s entire population (200 million). It is a major oil producer, pumping 1.5 million barrels a day. But its GDP per capita is slightly less now than it was in …

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