Turning Japanese

7 February 2024 Turning Japanese By Gwynne Dyer It did not end well for Karolina Shiino, the young woman who won the title of Miss Japan two weeks ago. She has just handed her crown back after a scandal-mongering magazine revealed that she has been having an affair with a married man – Japanese beauty

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Burma on the Brink

17 December 2023 Burma on the Brink By Gwynne Dyer The Burmese army is a leading candidate for Nastiest Army in the World. Even more than Pakistan’s army, it is the tail that wags the dog: rather than the army serving the country, it’s the other way around. Its record for massacring civilians whenever they

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Expanding the BRICS

27 August 2023 Expanding the BRICS By Gwynne Dyer You can expand the curious organisation called the BRICS, but you can’t define it. In fact, it’s hardly even an organisation: no headquarters, no secretariat. Even the (British) Commonwealth and la Francophonie have more substance: at least they share a former oppressor. Yet the BRICS are

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