King of Nepal

3 February 2005 The Stupid King of Nepal By Gwynne Dyer Most countries got rid of their kings in the end, and the rest took away most of their powers, because inbred young men whose main talents (if any) lie in manly outdoor pursuits like jousting, polo or falconry tend to be particularly bad at

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Last Communist

29 January 2005 Memorial for the Last Communist by Gwynne Dyer After two weeks of dithering and delay, the Chinese Communist Party permitted a low-key memorial ceremony for disgraced former premier Zhao Ziyang at Beijing’s Babaoshan cemetery for Communist heroes on Saturday (30 January). He was often portrayed as China’s lost Gorbachev, the reformer who

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Nuclear Is Back

18 October 2004 Nuclear Is Back (A Bit) By Gwynne Dyer “The worst possible nuclear disasters are not as bad as the worst possible climate change disasters,” declared the Centre for Alternative Technology in Britain recently, urging “a modest revival of nuclear energy…to sell the idea to the sceptics.” And while Europeans and North Americans

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Cold Shower in Taiwan

14 October 2004 Cold Shower in Taiwan By Gwynne Dyer The rhetoric had been getting harsher for months, as Taiwan’s leaders stoked popular fears of Communist China’s intentions in an attempt to push through a controversial $18 billion arms purchase from the United States. It reached a peak on 30 September, when President Chen Sui-bian

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