Dalai Lama

Bad Days in Burma

29 July 2012 Bad Days in Burma By Gwynne Dyer At last somebody in an official position has said something. United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay has called for an independent investigation into claims that Burmese security forces are systematically targeting the Rohingya, a Muslim minority community living in the Arakan region. Even the …

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Tibetans in Flames

16 May 2012 Tibetans in Flames By Gwynne Dyer The number of Tibetans burning themselves to death in protests against Chinese policy has grown very fast recently: the first self-immolation was in 2009, but 22 of the 30 incidents happened in the past year. And while at first it was only Buddhist monks and nuns …

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The Future of Tibet

22 November 2008 The Future of Tibet  By Gwynne Dyer The Dalai Lama spoke in his customary platitudes, and the Chinese regime responded with its habitual bluster, but a corner was turned in the China-Tibet dispute last week. From now on, it’s likely to get worse. After a five-day meeting in Dharamsala, India, that gathered …

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