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Iran Makes Deals

21 June 2023 Iran Makes Deals By Gwynne Dyer “I believe the (Iranian) regime will fall within a couple of years,” said Mohsen Sazegara. “It’s very different from three years ago, when they suppressed demonstrations in just five days. And the movement is spread all around the country.” Sazegara said that last November and the

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The Right Enemy

22 December 2021 The Right Enemy By Gwynne Dyer The right enemy can be a major asset in politics, as Chilean voters have just demonstrated once again. All the opinion polls had the two presidential candidates neck and neck before Sunday’s election, but a few days before the vote it came out that the father

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Chilean Election

15 December 2021 Chilean Election By Gwynne Dyer British journalist Claude Cockburn once claimed that he won a contest among the sub-editors on the London Times to write the dullest headline and actually get it published in the paper. His winning headline was ‘Small Earthquake in Chile, Not Many Hurt’. It must annoy Chileans, but

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Republican Split?

7 February 2021 If the Republican Party splits, what name should the breakaway part use? The White People’s Insurrectionary Libertarian True-Blood Republican Party (WPILTBRP), or just the Trump Party? Or maybe the hijacker-in-chief gets to keep the name of the party he stole, in which case the rump has to come up with something completely

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Reckless Populists

2 December 2020 “There is nothing wrong to participate in a sex party of any kind,” said a source in the European Parliament. “However, such kinds of meetings with many people are illegal under the coronavirus laws.” To be specific, 25 naked men attending a loud party above a gay bar in central Brussels is

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Miracle Vaccine

8 September 2020 Nine of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies have just promised not to apply for regulatory approval for any new Covid-19 vaccine before it has gone through all three phases of clinical study. Why would they do such a thing? You’d be surprised if brain surgeons got together and promised not to operate

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