Suez Lesson

22 October 2006 Suez Lesson By Gwynne Dyer If you’re an imperial power, your troops often end up in places that most of your citizens cannot even find on the map: Mesopotamia for Roman soldiers, for example, or Afghanistan for the British. It looks foolish, viewed with the long perspective of history, and yet lots …

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Egyptian Election

8 September 2005 Egyptian Election By Gwynne Dyer The Egyptian presidential election last Wednesday was a cynical farce. President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled Egypt since 1981, was certain to win again, and his leading opponent, Ayman Nur of the Tomorrow party, was facing trumped-up charges of forgery that may land him in jail by …

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Bin Laden Speaks

31 October 2004 Bin Laden Speaks (But Not The Truth) By Gwynne Dyer Osama bin Laden is a master of the art of public relations, and his videotaped message on Friday, 29 October, was a little masterpiece of spin and misdirection. All that nonsense about how he decided to attack the “towers” of New York …

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