Separatist Dreams

28 November 2012 Separatist Dreams By Gwynne Dyer In other parts of the world, separatist movements are usually violent (e.g. Kashmir, Sri Lanka, the various Kurdish revolts) and they sometimes succeed (South Sudan, Eritrea, East Timor). Whereas in the prosperous, democratic countries of the West, they are generally peaceful, frivolous, and unsuccessful. A case in […]

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Nobel Booby Prize?

14 October 212 Nobel Booby Prize? By Gwynne Dyer Maybe they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union because they couldn’t think of anybody else who wouldn’t embarrass them. Nelson Mandela already has one. So does Aung San Suu Kyi. Even Barak Obama has one, though what for is not exactly clear. They

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Another Euro Election

6 June 2012 Another Euro Election By Gwynne Dyer It’s probably the first time that events in Spain have decided the outcome of a Greek election. Last weekend the European Union agreed to loan Spain’s nearly insolvent banks 100 billion euros on relatively easy terms. Syriza, the hard-left protest party that came from nowhere to

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Euro Crisis

12 December 2011 Euro Crisis: Barking Up the Wrong Tree By Gwynne Dyer One senior European politician said angrily that British Prime Minister David Cameron was “like a man who comes to a wife-swapping party without his wife,” and there was some truth in that. Britain does not even use the euro currency, shared by

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Euro Crisis

6 November 2011 Euro Crisis: Muddling Through By Gwynne Dyer In December 1893, the Greek prime minister of the day stood up in parliament and announced: “Regretfully, we are bankrupt.” Nobody was greatly surprised, because the country had already defaulted on its foreign debt three previous times during the 19th century. It defaulted once more

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Will The Euro Survive

25 September 2011 Will The Euro Survive Until Tomorrow Afternoon? By Gwynne Dyer Few things are as galling as being right too soon. Back in 1970, dissident Soviet historian Andrei Amalrik wrote a book boldly called “Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?” He predicted that it would not, which greatly annoyed the Communist regime.

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