Abandoning the Sahel

31 December 2023 Abandoning the Sahel By Gwynne Dyer On Sunday, the last of 12,000 United Nations peacekeeping troops left Mali, ordered out by the military regime that seized power after two successive coups in 2020 and 2021. They leave behind them 310 Blue Helmets killed over ten years, and a country in chaos. Also […]

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Violence in France

2 July 2023 Violence in France By Gwynne Dyer On Saturday, the fifth day of violent protests all over France against the police killing of an unarmed teenager, Nahel Merzouk, the daily arrests dropped below 1,000 for the first time – but the violence became even more extreme. In L’Haÿ-les-Roses, a southern suburb of Paris,

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12 October 2021 Polexit? By Gwynne Dyer It’s possible that the tide which brought hard-right populist governments to power in a number of Central European countries is starting to go out again. In the Czech Republic, billionaire oligarch Andrej Babiš suffered a surprise defeat in his bid to be re-elected prime minister on Sunday. The

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Nobody Mention UBI

When you lock the people down (to save their lives), you inevitably close down a lot of the economy as well. And the lockdown will definitely have to last in most countries until May or June: Donald Trump’s promise of a ‘beautiful timeline’ to reopening the US economy just two weeks hence is delusional. So

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