The Stupidity Pact

15 November 2002 The Stupidity Pact By Gwynne Dyer The European Stability and Growth Pact is a name so soporific that it should never be spoken aloud while operating heavy machinery. But let the president of the European Commission say that he thinks it is “stupid”, and suddenly it is on everybody’s lips — renamed …

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Summertime Blues

25 August 2002 Summertime Blues By Gwynne Dyer First I thought that I’d write an article called ‘Death Watch at Marbella’, about the last days of the Saudi king at his palace in Spain, and the exciting things that might happen in the Middle East after his death. But then my elder daughter’s boyfriend, who’s …

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Right or Wrong

January 17, 1999 Is driving on the right right or wrong? by Gwynne Dyer  The Romans drove on the left. Why does half the world drive on the left, and the other half on the right? At last, the answer to this burning question is within reach. “We do not know which side of the …

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