Gwynne Dyer

Planetary Defence

21 September 2022 Planetary Defence By Gwynne Dyer On Monday, about eleven million kilometres from Earth, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will make the first attempt to divert an asteroid from its orbit. But forget ‘Don’t Look Up’, ‘Deep Impact’, ‘Armageddon’ and all the other movies about planet-killing asteroids: this asteroid is …

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14 September 2022 Long-Termism By Gwynne Dyer Which would be worse: a global nuclear war with all buttons pressed, or real, self-conscious artificial intelligence that goes rogue? You know, the central theme of the ‘Terminator’ movies. An AI called Skynet wakes up and immediately realises that humanity could simply switch it off again, so it …

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India at 75

18 August 2022 India at 75 By Gwynne Dyer Last Tuesday, on the 75th anniversary of Indian independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to turn India into a developed country within the next 25 years. If all goes well, that could actually come to pass, b ut it would have to go very well indeed. …

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