Gwynne Dyer

Risky Territory

16 June 2011 Risky Territory by Gwynne Dyer “We are getting into very risky territory,” said Christiana Figueres, head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, last week. But she acknowledged that we may have to go there anyway. She was talking about geo-engineering, the manipulation of the world’s climate to avoid catastrophic warming. …

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Libya and Altruism

25 March 2011 Libya and Altruism by Gwynne Dyer They have committed themselves to a war, but they have no plans for what happens after tomorrow night. They swear that they will never put ground troops into Libya, so their strategy consists solely of hoping that air strikes on Colonel Gadaffy’s air defence systems (and …

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Democracy and the Arabs

26 February 2011 Democracy and the Arabs by Gwynne Dyer One of the incidental pleasures of the past few weeks has been watching the Western media struggling to come to terms with the notion of Arab democracy. The Arabs themselves seem clear enough on the concept of a democratic revolution, but elsewhere there is much …

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