Reckless Populists

2 December 2020 “There is nothing wrong to participate in a sex party of any kind,” said a source in the European Parliament. “However, such kinds of meetings with many people are illegal under the coronavirus laws.” To be specific, 25 naked men attending a loud party above a gay bar in central Brussels is …

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Democracy in Decline?

23 November 2020 There’s no hurricane coming, but the windows of downtown Washington are covered with plywood. They were initially boarded up due to fear of street violence during the election, but that fear lingers three weeks after the vote because the restaurateurs and shop-owners (whose premises remain open behind the plywood) think the violence …

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Hungary’s Viktator

When I first interviewed Viktor Orban 25 years ago, he was an anti-Communist student firebrand whose whole purpose in life was to free Hungary from Soviet rule. But you can travel a long way in 25 years. In 1991 Orban celebrated the collapse of the Soviet Union, but now he says: “We Europeans need Russia. …

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