Spain’s Response

11 March 2004 Spain’s Response By Gwynne Dyer Taking the relative size of Spain and the United States into account, Thursday’s terrorist atrocities in Madrid amounted to about half a 9/11: almost 200 dead and over 1,400 injured in a population of less than 40 million. Spain’s people and government are very angry, and they …

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Italy Is In Trouble

8 June 2003 Italy Is In Trouble By Gwynne Dyer “Italy is in danger,” said centre-left leader Francesco Rutelli early last month. “We risk becoming a regime without even realising it.” Since then, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s close political ally and personal lawyer Cesare Previti has been convicted of bribery on Berlusconi’s behalf and sentenced …

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Jean-Marie Le Pen

26 April 2002  Jean-Marie Le Pen By Gwynne Dyer ‘A terrifying cataclysm,” said the French finance minister, Laurent Fabius. “A thunderbolt,” said Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, announcing that he was retiring from politics. “Ashamed to be French,” read the banner unfurled by one disgusted voter. What was it that prompted this hysterical response? It was …

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