Words and Meanings

2 April 2003 Words and Meanings By Gwynne Dyer The first casualty of war is not truth, which generally dies well before hostilities begin. It is language. Consider how Iraqi resistance fighters belonging to the Fedayeen organisation and the Baath Party militia have been renamed in only a week. At first American spokespersons referred to …

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Saddam’s Options

PAPERS THAT HELD THE ‘SADDAM’S OPTIONS’ ARTICLE BECAUSE OF THE MONDAY LETTER TO THE UN MAY WISH TO USE THIS UPDATED VERSION. ALL CHANGES ARE IN PARAS TWO AND THREE. 17 September 2002 Saddam’s Options By Gwynne Dyer Put yourself in Saddam Hussein’s boots. What are his options now? There was a global sigh of …

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Oil Prices

March 9, 2000 Oil Prices in the Sanctions Balance  By Gwynne Dyer  United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has publicly told Hans von Sponeck, until recently the U.N. official responsible for coordinating humanitarian aid to Iraq, to shut up about the horrendous impact of sanctions on that country so long as he is drawing a U.N. …

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