Paul Crutzen

Geoengineering Takes Off

21 September 2011 Geoengineering Takes Off By Gwynne Dyer Scientists who are working on various concepts for “geo-engineering” the climate are almost comically eager to stress that they are not trying to come up with a substitute for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of man-made global warming. They are just researching back-up systems that …

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Time for Geoengineering?

26 September 2008 Time for Geoengineering? By Gwynne Dyer Scientists have their own way of putting things. This is how Dr Oerjan Gustafsson of Stockholm University announced the approach of a climate apocalypse in an e-mail sent last week from the Russian research ship “Jakob Smirnitskyi” in the Arctic Ocean. “We had a hectic finishing …

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