The Real World Order

27 February 2022 The Real World Order By Gwynne Dyer Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last Thursday many people have expressed their shock and horror at Vladimir Putin’s violation of international law and the death of the ‘rules-based world order’, but there’s actually no reason for surprise. Those people just never understood what the …

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Humouring Putin

19 December 2021 Humouring Putin By Gwynne Dyer The geopolitical question of the moment is: how important is it to humour Russian leader Vladimir Putin? The answer is: not very. Throw him a fish or two, because he’s running a bluff and you don’t want to humiliate him, but there’s no need to placate him …

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Ukraine: No Invasion

8 December 2021 Ukraine: No Invasion By Gwynne Dyer I must admit that I googled the plot of the 1997 film ‘Wag the Dog’ before starting to write this. It’s a dark comedy about a US president facing a sex scandal whose staff invent a completely fictional war in the Balkans to draw the media’s …

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