Saddam Hussein

Civil War in Syria?

7 October 2011 Civil War in Syria? By Gwynne Dyer Back in 1989, when the Communist regimes of Europe were tottering towards their end, almost every day somebody would say “There’s going to be a civil war.” And our job, as foreign journalists who allegedly had their finger on the pulse of events, was to

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The 2010 Question

4 February 2010 The 2010 Question By Gwynne Dyer At the Iraq inquiry in London on January 29, former British prime minister Tony Blair found a new way to defend his decision to join George W. Bush in invading Iraq in 2003: the what-if defence. What if they hadn’t invaded Iraq, and Saddam Hussein had

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It’s All About Oil

17 September 2007 It’s All About Oil By Gwynne Dyer Australia’s defence minister, Brendan Nelson, is not the sharpest tool in the box, so people were not really surprised in July when he blurted out that the real motive for invading Iraq was oil: “Obviously the Middle East itself, not only Iraq but the entire

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Al-Qaeda and Iraq

20 November 2006 Al-Qaeda and Iraq: Suspicions Confirmed By Gwynne Dyer Saying “I told you so” usually just annoys people, so I try to avoid it. The milk has been spilled, and it won’t help to rub their noses in it (to mix a metaphor). But in this case I just have to say: I

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