Saudi Arabia

Guyana: Oil and Time

17 September 2023 Guyana: Oil and Time By Gwynne Dyer Guyana is not a ‘hellhole country’ of the sort Donald Trump complained about when he said he wanted immigrants to come to the US from white places like Norway instead, but it did used to be poor, tropical and largely populated by people of colour. […]

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Iran Makes Deals

21 June 2023 Iran Makes Deals By Gwynne Dyer “I believe the (Iranian) regime will fall within a couple of years,” said Mohsen Sazegara. “It’s very different from three years ago, when they suppressed demonstrations in just five days. And the movement is spread all around the country.” Sazegara said that last November and the

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Two Truces

4 April 2022 Two Truces By Gwynne Dyer Two weeks ago, the three biggest wars in the world were in Ukraine, Ethiopia and Yemen. Now truces have silenced the guns and the airstrikes in two of the three. They are only temporary truces so far, but there is a reasonable chance that they could grow

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COP26: Sharma’s Tears

14 November 2021 COP26: Sharma’s Tears By Gwynne Dyer Closing the two-week COP26 climate summit in Glasgow on Saturday, Alok Sharma, the British president of the 197-country conference, declared “We’ve kept 1.5 (degrees Celsius) within reach, but its pulse is weak.” But he was close to tears several times in his closing remarks. That was

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Islamist Dead-End

22 August 2021 Violent Islamist movements, as current events in Afghanistan demonstrate, have had some success in Muslim countries that have been invaded by the United States. But they have failed everywhere else, and the whole Islamist ideology is getting long in the tooth. Revolutionary ideologies rarely prosper after they pass the age of fifty.

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Saudi Game of Thrones

Now is the moment of maximum danger for Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MbS). He has weathered the immediate storm over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi two months ago. He even went to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires a week ago and persuaded several other national leaders to stand

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