South China Sea

Taiwan: War Games

25 January 2021 Most news agencies reported on Sunday that China sent large groups of fighters and bombers into the Taiwanese airspace two days in a row. Much fluttering in the dovecote: the Chinese are testing the resolve of newly installed US President Joe Biden. Considerably fewer agencies also reported that an American aircraft carrier …

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South China Sea Showdown?

Next Wednesday (12 July) the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea will issue its ruling on China’s claim to practically all of the South China Sea. And already the main military contenders are moving more forces into the region. China’s Maritime Safety Administration announced that Chinese naval and air forces will carry out …

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Philippines Election

Rodrigo Duterte, who has just been elected president of the Philippines, comes across as Donald Trump on stilts. He talks dirtier (last week he called the outgoing president a “son of a whore”), and he can barely open his mouth without threatening to kill somebody (he recently promised to fill Manila Bay with the bodies …

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