Soviet Union

There Really Are Rules

10 April 2024 There Really Are Rules By Gwynne Dyer History is mostly a matter of dates, and the key date is always that of the last conquest. All previous conquests are then magically forgiven and forgotten. This observation is prompted partly by the current wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, but equally by […]

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The Real Space Race

18 November 2023 The Real Space Race By Gwynne Dyer The upside of Elon Musk is that he is a genius who has done useful things for the human race. He brought the idea of electric vehicles from harmless fringe tinkering to commercial mass production, and he may yet bring the cost of space flight

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The Last Empire

4 September 2022 The Last Empire By Gwynne Dyer This is not another pipe-sucking reassessment of Mikhail Gorbachev’s failed attempt to democratise the Soviet Union thirty years ago. He wasn’t actually trying to do that anyway; he was attempting to save the Soviet Union and Communism by civilising and softening the harsh Bolshevik dictatorship that

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