NATO Summit 2023

10 July 2023 NATO Summit 2023 By Gwynne Dyer When NATO held its annual summit in Brussels two years ago, all 31 presidents and prime ministers of the alliance’s member states dutifully showed up, but their hearts weren’t really in it. France’s President Emmanuel Macron had publicly declared NATO “brain-dead” in 2019, and nobody could …

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Russia: Aftermath of Folly

28 June 2023 Russia: Aftermath of Folly By Gwynne Dyer “I said to Putin: ‘We could waste [Prigozhin], no problem. If not on the first try, then on the second.’ I told him: ‘Don’t do this’,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko, long-ruling dictator of Belarus, clearly delighted at having upstaged his arrogant Russian counterpart. The worm had …

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Prigozhin’s Revolt

24 Jun 2023 Prigozhin’s Revolt By Gwynne Dyer The Don is a much bigger river than the Rubicon, but Yevgeny Prigozhin and his army crossed it anyway on Friday. Not being classically educated, the boss of the Wagner mercenary army probably did not mutter ‘Alea iacta est’ to himself – ‘The die is cast’ – …

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