New Revolutions

9 December 2004 The New Revolutions By Gwynne Dyer The Ukrainian revolution has won. There still has to be a re-run of the second-round presidential election on 26 December, but there is no doubt that it will be pretty clean this time, and that opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko will win handily. So the heavy-industrial, Orthodox, …

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Orange Revolution

26 November 2004 The Orange Revolution By Gwynne Dyer “There will be fraud, but the scenario of victory by the government through fraud is utopian, it won’t happen,” said Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko just before the vote was held on 21 November. He may well be right, but we probably won’t know for another …

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Ukraine’s Election

18 November 2004 Ukraine’s Election By Gwynne Dyer It’s not just Ukraine’s fate that is at stake in Sunday’s election; it is probably Russia’s as well. If the Kremlin’s favoured candidate, Viktor Yanukovych, wins, then Ukraine will end up inside a Russian-dominated common market that also includes the authoritarian regimes of Belarus and Kazakhstan and …

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