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Columbia and Vietnam

27 Sep 2000 Columbia and Vietnam By Gwynne Dyer It is customary, when Washington says “Jump,” for British governments to ask “How high?” When they don’t jump, their failure to comply should be treated with the same alarm as when one of the old “pit canaries,” kept in coal mines to detect the build-up of […]

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Dead Walrus

16 April 2000 The Dead Walrus on the Breakfast Table By Gwynne Dyer On Friday, the Russian Duma finally ratified START II (the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), six years after it was signed. The next step, rationally, would be to finish the negotiations on the START III treaty, cutting the nuclear warheads on each

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Oil Prices

March 9, 2000 Oil Prices in the Sanctions Balance  By Gwynne Dyer  United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has publicly told Hans von Sponeck, until recently the U.N. official responsible for coordinating humanitarian aid to Iraq, to shut up about the horrendous impact of sanctions on that country so long as he is drawing a U.N.

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GM Food Labeling Rule

8 Feb 2000  Labelling Rule Sets GM Food Exports Back Several Years By Gwynne Dyer Game, set, and match. The Protocol on Biosafety, agreed by 130 countries last Saturday in Montreal afer frantic overtime negotiations, sets the seal on a year that saw genetically modified organisms (GMOs) go from a technology set to sweep the

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Right or Wrong

January 17, 1999 Is driving on the right right or wrong? by Gwynne Dyer  The Romans drove on the left. Why does half the world drive on the left, and the other half on the right? At last, the answer to this burning question is within reach. “We do not know which side of the

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Soviet troops in Cuba

1 October 1979 Soviet troops in Cuba By Gwynne Dyer (LONDON) Naughty Mr Brezhnev has put 3,000 Soviet combat troops in Cuba. Slap wristies. It would now appear that Presidert Carter has decided not to have a full-scale international crisis, over the Soviet troops in Cuba after all, despite the views of senators Church, Stone

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