West Bank

A World of Walls

7 February 2007 A World of Walls By Gwynne Dyer If good fences make good neighbours, then the world is experiencing an unprecedented outbreak of neighbourliness. They used to wall cities. Now they wall whole countries. The latest country to start building a wall — sorry, a “security fence” — is Thailand, which has just …

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After Sharon

18 August 2005 Sharon’s Strategy Succeeds (For Now) By Gwynne Dyer Asher Weisgan, the Israeli settler who murdered three Palestinians at random in the West Bank settlement of Shiloh on Wednesday, was clearly very upset by the forced evacuation of the Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called him a “Jewish …

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After the Israeli Election

23 March 2006 After the Israeli Election By Gwynne Dyer “It’s a trade-off,” said Dror Etkes, director of the Israeli organisation Settlement Watch, just after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon carried out the dramatic withdrawal from the Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip last August. “The Gaza Strip for the settlement blocks; the Gaza Strip for …

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